Saturday, January 9, 2010

BC vs. BU at Fenway Park!

Brenden and I were able to attend the first BC vs. BU game at Fenway Park last night. We got the tickets from a friend of mine (Dean Kahr) who use to play for BU. (So guess where we were sitting - right in the heart of the BU fan section.) We had great seats and had a fun time.

Yes it was cold - Jon and Brenden.

View of the rink from our seats.

Fenway Park!

Boston University's Mascot

Boston College's Mascot

Brenden and a friend from High School - Kristy.

We ran into our good friends Elaine and Bill who are huge BU fans.

Brenden and Sasquatch (BU's famous live mascot!)

Sasquatch is known to discard his clothing and run through the crowd getting the BU fans riled up.

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