Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Eve at Deb Edward & Mike Olson's Home!

Deb Edwards and Mike Olson were hosts for Christmas Eve to Jackie & Jerry Sypnieski, and Jean, Katie & Matt Knott. Jackie sent me the following pics taken from the evening!

Deb and Mike gave each other Christmas Sweaters for Christmas!

Group Photo
Mike Olson and Jackie Sypnieski

Mike and his daughter Mackenzie!

Jackie and Mackenzie

Katie enjoying a glass of wine.

Derek Olson

Katie Knott with a Crackers Hat!

Derek and Matt Knott in Cracker Hats!

Kattie, Mackenzie, Jean and Mike in Cracker Hats!

Jean Knott and Mike Olson in Cracker Hats!

Katie and Mackenzie in Cracker Hats.

The Edwards / Olson Family befoe drinking!

The Edwards / Olson Family after drinking! (Notice the twig and berries in the window.)

The Knott Family before drinking!

The Knott Family after drinking!

Jerry and Jackie Sypnieski before drinking.

Jerry and Jackie after drinking!

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