Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brenden Graduates from the University of Minnesota!

Brenden graduated from the University of Minnesota at Northrup Auditorum, Friday night. He is the 3rd generation to graduate from there. Both his mother, Judy and his grandfather, Ted graduated from there. He starts an internship with Land-O-Lakes in Sioux City, Iowa. Judy and I drove 23.5 hours non-stop in the blue truck to attend. (We are leaving the truck with him.) Also attending were his God Parents, Sandy and Chuck Hatfield, his Aunt Melissa Korzenowski, and his Uncle Kyle Korzenowski.

Brenden getting ready!

Jon Olson, Judy Korzenowski and Brenden.

Chuck Hatfield, Brenden & Sandy Hatfield

Melissa Korzenowski and Brenden

Sandy, Judy, Chuck, Brenden, Kyle, Melissa & Jon

Brenden after receiving his diploma!

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