Sunday, May 23, 2010

Party for Brenden!

On Saturday, May 15th, we had a party for Brenden celebrating his graduation. We had the party at his Aunt, Melissa's house. Over 60 friends and relatives showed up.

Brenden was wearing one of his gifts from Judy and I.

We used the same theme for his cake: "What happens in Iowa ... Sucks!"

The proud parents!

His SAE brothers showed up. We don't know whether it was for Brenden or if it was the free food and beer!

Mike Olson, Katie Knott, Jackie Sypnieski, and Lori Wilson

Brenden's old babysitter, Kristen even showed up. She now lives in Eden Prairie.
Her husband Jake with their 4 kids - Patrick, Cate, Caroline and Emmett.

Melissa Korzenowski, Judy and Patrick Lee.

The oldest and the youngest! Brenden holding his cousin, Kaz Korzenowski.

Craig Hatfield

Sandy Hatfield with her grandson, Wil Brookins.

Brenden with his Uncle Jerry Sypnieski.

Cousins - Derek Olson and Katie Knott
Derek is graduating from High School and will be attending Washington University. Katie graduated from Concordia University in St. Paul the same day as the party! She got a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and Leadership. Congratulations Katie!

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