Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Three Boys and Friends!

Some recent photos of Brenden, Kyle and Parker!

Jon Robb, Lauren Schaefer, Brenden Olson and Joel Heine with Mustaches

They look like bandits!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!
Carl Fraley, Thomas Walthour, Jon-Robb, Alex Hoppe and Brenden Olson

Camp Coniston 2004 CITs
Katie Schmidt, Tommy Tessier, Katie Arnold, Jillian Lenson and Brenden

Kyle at Camp Coniston Reunion

Camp Coniston 2008 CITs with Camp Director
Matt Comstock, Kyle Olson, John Tilley, Josh Bates and Kyle Leahy

Camp Coniston 2012 CITs
Thomas Stephenson, Jane Gerstner and Parker Olson

Camp Coniston 2012 CITs
Parker Olson, Cormac Dugan and Chris Lovejoy

Camp Coniston 2012 CITs
Thomas Stephenson, Parker Olson, Chris Lovejoy and Cormac Dugan

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