Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bambi Birthday Photos!

Every year at Bambi, we celebrate the July birthdays: Brenden Olson, Paula Hansen, Deb Edwards & Jack Korzenowski. When Parker was about 5 years old he wanted to change his birthday to July as he wanted the gifts his older brother Brenden got every year.

A surprise party at the glamorous Northern Inn was thrown for Barb in 1996. She was 48. Why exactly a party was thrown in July for being 48 in March - I don't know - but it was fun anyway.

Paula and Brenden have made out like bandits through the years.

Deb Edwards and Brenden in 2003. It took us a while to figure out that Deb's birthday was in July.

Paula celebrated her big 50th in 2003.

Deb, Brenden & Paula in 2004. This was Brenden's last year at Bambi as he now spends the summer at Camp Coniston. When asked what he missed most about Bambi - he replied "the gifts - no one sends me anything at camp."

Yes - I was surprised in July for my upcoming 50th in 2005.

Lovely gifts aren't they!

We surprised Sandy in 2006 for her 60th.

Jack Korzenowski's 16th Birthday in 2006.

The birthday cake in 2007!

Jack's 17th Birthday in 2007.

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