Sunday, March 2, 2008

More Birthday Photos!

More Birthday Photos!

Sandy's 10th Birthday Party in 1956. Can you find Sandy, Barb, Kay, Debbie and Paula?

Sandy's 15th birthday in 1961. Can you find Jean, Barb and Debbie?

Paula's birthday party at 1208 Madison Ave!

Judy's 3rd birthday party in 1960.

Mike Olson's Birthday Party. He's the one on the top right.

Judy's 5th birthday party in 1962.

Walt's 54th birthday party in the Court House in 1968. That's Bernice handing him a knife.

Bernice's 60th Birthday Party in 1983.

Judy's 30th Birthday Party in 1987. It was supposed to be a surprise party - but her Aunt Maxine called a few days before the party to tell her that she could not make it.

Judy's birthday party with the "Gourmet Club". They even gave her a mink coat and some perfume!

The December birthday boys celebrating their birthdays at the Hardrock Cafe in 2002.

Celebrating Grandma Barb's birthday in Palm Springs in 2005. Kyle is picking out a gift for Grandma!

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