Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend in Minneapolis!

I traveled to Minneapolis this past weekend to attend the SAE Parent's Event at the University of Minnesota. I took the opportunity to once again drag Brenden to see all of his relatives in the Twin Cities and to play some cards - Ted's Game. We played on Friday night with the Korzenowski crew of Kyle, Katie and Scott Korzenowski and on Saturday night with the Hatfield crew of Sandy, Carrie, Bret, Craig and his girl friend Stephanie. Once again the Olson men dominated with Brenden winning 1 game and myself winning 3.

Anastasia, Gabe, Brenden & Elizabeth
We attended Anastasia's basketball game where she made her first 2 baskets this season.
Way to go Anastasia!

Yes - even Kyle Korzenowski now owns a HD TV and a XBox - The girls took Brenden and I on in car racing. (I think we will stick to playing cards - as they kicked our butts!)

Gabe as a Pirate!

Back Row: Brenden, Katie, Kyle & Jon
Front Row: Gabe, Anastasia, Elizabeth & their dog Amber.
(My pants were wet the whole time there - you know what I mean if you have met their dog!)

We visited Brenden's old baby sitter, Kristen, who now lives in Eden Prairie. She now has 3 of her own kids - plus one on the way. She use to drag Brenden and Kyle to parties at Boston College! Maybe Brenden will reciprocate and take her kids to a party at the U of M.
Sofa - Brenden, Patrick, Kristen & Caroline
Back of Sofa - Cate & Jake

On Saturday Night - Sandy invited all of the Olsons who lived near by for dinner.
The Cousins
Sandy, Jackie, Lori, Deb, Mike & Jon

The Cousins' Kids!
Mackensie, Craig, Carrie, Annie & Brenden

Brady with his Uncle Craig enjoying a brew at the kids table!

Brady with Mike Olson - Rile him up and then go home!

And the Whole Crew!
Can you find - Jon, Lori, Jackie, Annie, Carrie, Mackensie, Chuck, Sandy, Mike, Brady, Bret, Jerry, Craig, Stephanie, Brenden, Richard & Debbie

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