Sunday, July 27, 2008

The 3 kids are all at Camp!

We just took the last kid - Parker to Camp today. We have three weeks alone without the 3 boys. Brenden is in his 11th year is the Asst. Waterfront Director. (He works the girls camp.) Kyle is in his 9th year and is a CIT (Counselor in Training.) And this is Parker's 5th year.

They post pictures every day -

Also - feel free to write them as they love to get mail.

YMCA Camp Coniston
P.O. Box 185
Grantham, NH 03753

Brenden with the Olympic Torch at camp.

Judy, Parker, Tucker Marr & his Mom, Karen, before the boys head out for adventure camp.

Parker (the driver) and his crew heading for Adventure Camp in Maine.

Kyle arriving back from climbing Mt. Washington.

Kyle being welcomed back. A tradition at the camp is to have the CITs jump in the lake after they have climbed Mt. Washington.

Kyle proceeded to drag his two brothers in.

Parker with his harem at camp!

Brenden on the right at the closing camp fire.

Here is Brenden in Sunglasses.

Here we are in Brenden's Cabin. We took this photo when we took Kyle up to camp on July 20th.

Here is Brenden's picture from the Staff area from the website.

Here is Kyle with the "Blue" team.

Here is Kyle's CIT group after they climbed Mt. Cardigan. In two weeks they will climb Mt. Washington - the highest mountain east of the Rockies.

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