Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bambi 2008

Having a great time up here at Bambi!
This year we had some new faces along with some of the usual ones. We do miss Paula and Jim Hansen and Carrie, Bret & Brady Brookins.
Cabin 1A - Mark & Bev Abell and their kids - Elizabeth & Matt Abell
Cabin 3 - Mike Olson & Deb Edwards and their kids - Mackenzie & Derek
Cabin 4 - Chuck, Sandy Hatfield and their son - Craig and his fiance, Steph Sommers
Cabin 5 - Melissa Korzenowski and her son - Jack and his friend Josh
Cabin 6 - Barb Olson and Dave Powers and their son David plus Lori Wilson
Cabin 7 - Jon Olson & Judy Korzenowski and their sons - Kyle & David
We even had some guests: Mark Sundblad and Tina Volden with their son Marcus, and Roger Wolden
Jon, Judy & Mike at Zorbaz on Little Pine Lake in Perham!

Lori & Barb

Bev Abell & Deb Edwards

Craig, Steph, Chuck and Sandy!

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