Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More of Bambi 2008

More photos of the week at Bambi. The following photos are from Lori Wilson, Sandy Hatfield, Bev Abell, Mike Olson, Barb Olson and me.

You have to vist fabulous "Iron World" in Chisholm, Minnesota!

Parker with Paul Bunyon in Akeley, Minnesota.

The World's Largest Tiger Muskie in Nevis, Minnesota.

Mark and Bev Abell in Frazee, Minnesota.

Tina, Mark and Marcus visited us on Sunday.

Marcus was a terrific baby and loved being held or played with by everybody.
Here he is with Deb Edwards. (Mike I think it is about time you got working on #3.)

Here he is with Barb!

Marcus trying out his first peice of watermelon. He loved it.

Learning to walk - they will soon regret it.

Fish! Fish! Fish!
Mackenzie and her fish!

Mark and his fish with the "Fishing Guide" Mike.

Parker an his Northern with "Fishing Guide" Uncle Mike.

Kyle with his fish!

David with a northern pike.

Judy and Deb enjoying the warm weather on the new docks!

Chuck, Mark, Melissa & Mike watching the tubers!

That's me driving the boat pulling the kids on the tube.

Kyle, Parker & Derek

Matt & Craig

Craig, Parker & Steph

Josh, Parker & Jack

Elizabeth, Parker & Mackenzie

Kyle & Derek as spotters.

Sandy and Chuck at Itasca Park!

Craig and Steph crossing the mighty Mississippi River.

Steph and Craig Kayaking!

Josh, Jack and Melissa modeling the new line of Kayaks at Bambi's.

The kids on the sugar sand beach at Bambi's.

Chuck about to wet his whistle

The annual cousins photo!
Roger Wolden in front.
Mike, Sandy, Barb, Lori & Jon in back.

Aren't kids fun!

Guess who they just flashed?

Party Girls!

Parker with Miss Northwest. He asked her out and she replied that doesn't date people who stay at Bambi's.

Every year I do the "Dead Huss" tour and take who ever wants to go to visit all of our dead relatives who are buried near Perham. The only taker this year was Lori. I would like to acknowledge my cousin Linda Huss who has done a lot of research on the Huss family. Without that research- I would not be able to conduct the tour. For for information about the Huss Family go to her website: www.

As for the 2 tombstones above. They are in St. Joseph's Cemetery near Dent. The first one is Nick Huss' who died of Typhoid Fever as did his mother and 5 of his brothers and sisters. He was my grandfather Mike Huss' brother. The other tombstone was my grandfather's brother Ludwig.

This is my grand parents Mike & Rose Huss' grave in St. Henry's Cemetery in Perham.

This is my great grand parent's Catherine and Bernard Friedsam's grave in St. Lawrence's Cemetery in Rush Lake.

Judy & Melissa with hot-dogs and cheddar-dogs for 25 people!

Jon & Judy getting ready to grill the dogs! Judy sure looks happy!

The finished product!

Mark & Mike cooking Deb's great Grilled Lemon Chicken Breasts.
For the recipe check out my other blog:

My new business adventure! Notice that bambi actually has a camera watching this!

Sandy's favorite spot on Big Toad Lake!

The ladyslippers on the road just outside Bambi's.

Yes - there are actually deer at Bambi's! Sandy, Judy and I took a drive one evening to Little Toad Lake and saw 25 deer on the trip.

Bev & Mark Abell and Deb & Mike

Derek, Matt Abell, Mackenzie & Elizabeth Abell

Mackenzie, Deb, Mike & Derek

Parker, Kyle, Judy & Jon

Jack & Melissa Korzenowski and Josh

Steph Sommers, Craig, Sandy & Chuck Hatfield

Dave Powers, Barb Olson, Lori Wilson & David Olson

Yes - I also do rock cairns at Bambi's too.

An early evening gathering at the dock for one last swim.

Judy reading on the dock as the sun starts to set. The mosquitoes will soon be forcing her to move inside.

Every year we go to the famous "Northern Inn" on Friday night for their Walleye special.
This is half of the kids table.

And this is the other half of the kids table.

And this is the adult table at the Northern Inn!

A great sunset!

Another great sunset!

And yet another great sunset.
It never gets old!

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